Tuesday, January 25, 2011

IHAB re: Internet Acronyms

Although I prefer to use Internet acronyms sparingly, I submit the following to be used along with the more common LOL (Laughing Out Loud), BRB (Be Right Back), etc.:

TBOTW (The Beef of the Week)*
ABAIABS (A beef aired is a beef spared)
VBFTBGS (Vintage Beef from the Bob Grant Show)
IHAB (I have a beef.)

I (do) HAB concerning the overuse of Internet acronyms, especially those that are not readily apparent.  The following Internet acronym would be considered a beef:

WBWFABAMCSAAHAHNY (With best wishes for a blessed and merry Christmas season and a happy and healthy new year.)

A reader of an email often must take the time to Google an obscure Internet acronym used in his or her correspondence.  The composer of such an email has selfishly saved his or her time at the expense of the time it would take the reader of same to decipher said acronym!


(I appreciate your reading my blog today and I invite you to subscribe to my beef blog Ha! Ha!)

Mm. Trivia

*It is interesting to note that Mm. Bob Grant, prior to the inception of the Internet, at one time referred to my weekly beef on W.M.C.A. radio, at the BOW.

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