Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Vintage YouTube of Mm. Trivia and Bob Grant Part I

The above indicated link is for Part I of a recording of a Halloween Festival to which Mm. Trivia had been invited by Mm. Grant.  In the photograph is Mm. Trivia seated at the dias next to Mm. Grant.

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Mm. Trivia

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

IHAB re: Internet Acronyms

Although I prefer to use Internet acronyms sparingly, I submit the following to be used along with the more common LOL (Laughing Out Loud), BRB (Be Right Back), etc.:

TBOTW (The Beef of the Week)*
ABAIABS (A beef aired is a beef spared)
VBFTBGS (Vintage Beef from the Bob Grant Show)
IHAB (I have a beef.)

I (do) HAB concerning the overuse of Internet acronyms, especially those that are not readily apparent.  The following Internet acronym would be considered a beef:

WBWFABAMCSAAHAHNY (With best wishes for a blessed and merry Christmas season and a happy and healthy new year.)

A reader of an email often must take the time to Google an obscure Internet acronym used in his or her correspondence.  The composer of such an email has selfishly saved his or her time at the expense of the time it would take the reader of same to decipher said acronym!


(I appreciate your reading my blog today and I invite you to subscribe to my beef blog Ha! Ha!)

Mm. Trivia

*It is interesting to note that Mm. Bob Grant, prior to the inception of the Internet, at one time referred to my weekly beef on W.M.C.A. radio, at the BOW.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Bob Grant and Mm.Trivia on Wikipedia
Kindly copy and paste the above indicated url in the appropriate field of your browser and press the enter key on your computer keyboard should you wish to view the article in its entirety from which the following is excerpted:
Sincerely yours,
Mm. Trivia

One of Grant's most memorable regular call-in guests was Ms. Trivia, who aired her "Beef of the Week", a series of seemingly trivial complaints, such as her objection to stale gum in baseball card packets, the exaltation of the lowly mouse in popular cartoon culture (Mickey MouseMighty Mouse) at the expense of portraying felines in a discriminatory manner (Felix, the tricksterSylvester, the loser cat with a lisp, etc.) She later insisted that she be called "Mm. Trivia" in support of doing away with titles that differentiated men from women (such as Miss, Ms. or Mister). Grant referred to Mm. Trivia as the most popular personage on WMCA radio who wasn't even on the payroll. Ms. Trivia was Grant's guest at a Halloween Festival dinner held at Lauritano's Restaurant in the Bronx, where a young Ms. Trivia, not long out of her teens, revealed herself for the first time to a startled radio audience, many who had expected and assumed, based upon her articulation and intonation, that she would be an elderly, prudish woman. Instead, a statuesque and fashionable Ms. Trivia, wearing an elaborate Victorian costume, was the surprise guest seated next to Grant at the dias table along with several political figures from New York. The following day the majority of calls to the show were for the purpose of obtaining information about the mysterious Mm. Trivia, with Grant in his typical manner finally in exasperation hanging up on the callers, shouting, "THIS IS NOT Mm. TRIVIA'S SHOW!"

Mm. Trivia

A Beef Aired is a Beef Spared

Most all things are small before they grow.
Same applies to irritations and peeves we've come to know.
The tiny irritation; the pettiest of peeves:
Give both the same attention as important things receive.
Follow said advice, and it is my contention
You will avoid much major strife
(not to mention hypertension.)

Mm. Trivia

Mm. Trivia and Bob Grant of W.M.C.A. Radio